1. 2016/10/13 8 mins read

    Approaching Outside-in TDD on Android III

    In the previous post, we wrote the acceptance test as a first step and started creating the classes on the entry points of our system. In this post, we will finish implementing the system, and will summarize what we have learnt during the process.

  2. 2016/09/22 10 mins read

    Approaching Outside-in TDD on Android II

    In the previous post, we introduced the Bank kata. We explained how we are going to implement it in Android, reviewed the different kinds of tests that we use in Outside-in and transformed a user story into a bunch of acceptance criteria.

  3. 2016/08/24 5 mins read

    The Java Synchronisers

    Threads communication happens primarily by sharing access to fields and objects. Although extremely efficient, this form of communication is prone to errors such as thread interference and memory consistency. Synchronization is a tool that helps to prevent such errors.

  4. 2016/08/19 7 mins read

    Maven demystified

    Due to my Android development background, I am more used to Gradle than to Maven. Although I knew that Gradle was based on Maven, I had never investigated what was going on behind the scenes. During the last week, I have been trying to understand the details and find out what are the different Maven’s components.

  5. 2016/08/02 9 mins read

    What does RESTful really mean

    Last month I attended Fast Track to RESTful Microservices training at Skillsmatter. During the course, we explored what REST APIs can offer to web applications in general and microservices communication in particular. Personally, the most important outcome of the course is a better understanding of what REST really means and what are its pros and cons.

  6. 2016/04/18 9 mins read

    Approaching Outside-in TDD on Android I

    Outside-in Test-Driven Development (TDD) can be a challenge to implement. In this 3-part post series, we would like to share our experiences applying it to Android development and offer some practical tips for doing so yourself.

  7. 2015/06/24 1 min read

    City mapper coloured tabs and coordinator layout

    City Mapper is one of the most known transport apps out there, personally I find it the best by far. Lately, they’ve changed their UI/UX which I find particularly useful and beautiful.

  8. 2015/06/22 2 mins read

    Retain & restore recycler view scroll position

    If you come to a situation where you need to retain the scroll position of a recycler view (i.e. configuration change, going back on a certain flow), you might think that you have a retain and restore the scroll manually. Yes, in fact, you have to, but LayoutManager has a convenient API that makes things a bit easier.